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Climate Change (Lyrics)

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You’re always checking your phone, you blame climate change, got to see if that weather bug’s calling for rain, might

dump on your fishing or muck up your hunting, it’s important to know when a    cold front’s coming 

then one day you leave your phone at home, a text comes through says baby I’m    all alone  

when you arrving I’m getting cold, it’s cozy time at the fishing hole      

Climate’s gonna change round here, forecast is very clear                                      

might use your filet knife on your La-Z-Boy, empty a load of lead into your    Tracker toy, look like

Carolina after Hurricane Floyd, climate’s gonna change change cha- cha-        change                                                                                            

I bought you insulated camo for your birthday, keep your skinny buns warm in that blind on the bay, Yamamato lures new Suzucki  motor,  I got      

Visa debt you got redneck treasure, your hands are soft never lipped a bass,     boots are clean never touched

the grass, got no windburned cheeks no outdoor tan, my radar screams                                 you’re her indoor man              

Climate’s gonna change round here, forecast is very clear,                                      

might take your Stihl chain saw to your favorite gun, toss your smart TV into the    lake for fun, look like

tornado leavings when I get done, climate’s  gonna change change cha- cha-        change                                     


see that long black could climbing up the sky, that’s no thunderhead it’s my     sweet goodbye, it’s your

hunting clothes and your Tracker toy, outboard motor and La-Z-Boy,

all your junk smoking in the street, doused with your own gasoline,        

Climate’s finally changed, you can smell it now can’t you baby, changed you can see it, it don’t mean maybe   

changed  changed  changed cha-chachanged  

 Don Harrison, Bryan Ewald and Alexandra White

Copyright 2018 Never Can Tell Music LLC 

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