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Pick Your Poison (Lyrics)

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My buddy Charlie set me up with a lady

Said she was classy but a little bit crazy

I like ‘em classy but I  love ‘em  crazy

Opened her  door  and I said  hello  baby   

Then  she  asked for my help

And I thought good Lord  save me


It’s my nail polish  I can’t seem to choose  

No-Teal Mo-Teal or  Peek-a-Blue?

Melon of Troy I just can’t decide

Hands-Off-My-Henna or Likkity Lime?


Pick your poison  baby  dying to get acquainted

Really don’t mind what shade your  nails  are painted

Pick your poison you don’t need no transforming

Those legs of yours are causing global warming

Pick your poison baby Pick your poison baby


Finally arrived at Il Ristorante

Lights nice and low over a glass of Chianti

Smooth on man  I was  in my groove

Dancing away with her sweet baby blues

Then she took a  long look

At that Italian menu


Is your linguini gluten free?

Doctor Oz says it gives me allergies

Are the clams in your casino free range?  

Slaughtered humanely without too much pain?


Pick your poison baby  just a simple dinner

Eating God’s creatures don’t  make you no sinner

Pick your poison we’re  running out of time  

I’m gonna meet my maker  ‘fore you  

Make make  make make  make up your mind

Pick your poison baby 


Pick your poison baby  Pick your poison baby


Back at her place temperature was rising

Good night looming on  my horizon

Out she strolled short shorts and sports bra  

Said I got something good for you

Then she asked me to try

A little bikram yoga


The key to detox is oodles of sweat

This tortoise pose man it’s better than sex  

Don’t you be scared of a little exertion I’m

Lookin’ for flirting  getting   nothing  but hurting I



Picked my poison  baby sorry to be leaving

This kind of steaming ain’t  quite what I was dreaming

Picked  my poison must of  slipped my mind

I got a date with my boy Charlie

Under that Bud Light sign treat him to  a

Piece  piece  piece  piece piece of my mind

I picked my poison  baby

I picked my poison  baby

I picked my poison  baby

I picked my poison  baby

I picked my poison  baby

Don Harrison and Bryan Ewald

Copyright 2016, Never Can Tell Music, LLC

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