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Like a Ghost (Lyrics)

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I heard you might be hanging down the ocean falling in love with some  kind of potion

heard you might be over on the Shenandoah living with a man who barely knows you  


I don’t know where your body’s  been lying I don’t know if your heart’s on fire all I know is I keep on trying not  to

See your face in every  crowded place that  distant girl has your wild blond curls I

hear a phone it’s  your ring tone I can’t make you  go  you’re like a

ghost who just won’t   leave me alone                                           


You said that you were lost until I found you   said I needed faith to  never doubt you

said you loved the home we made together you said  our souls were  one  bound forever 


I don’t know if you live for thrills I don’t know if you’re  searching still  all I know is  you took my will

I feel your touch in every casual brush I  see your eyes when our daughter cries she

wants to know when you’re coming home I can’t  make you go  you’re like a

ghost who just won’t  leave me alone                                             


They say a ghost will rise to haunt the wicked and live again to  get revenge  but

tell me love who’s done the sinning that  keeps you living  in my head  I  know you know       


I don’t know where your  body’s  been lying  I don’t know if your heart’s on fire

I don’t know if you  live for thrills  I don’t know  if you’re searching still

all I know you’re like a

ghost that I can’t  grieve you’re like a  ghost with no grave  stone  you’re like a

ghost who just won’t  leave  leave   me  leave me   alone

I heard you might be hanging   down the ocean

Don Harrison and Bryan Ewald

Copyright 2018 Never Can Tell Music LLC

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