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Gone (The Vacation Song) (Lyrics)

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Put your cell phone down  let that suitcase stand put your hand in mine we’ve got a trip needs   

taking  before the kids a wake  I  think you understand                                          

Tomorrow we’re leaving for the ocean beaches little house filled with nephews and nieces

Squid bait’s so icky  sunscreen’s too sticky  Cousin Jimmy got sick  he                                         

So tonight let’s take ourselves a journey to a place you never have to hurry no

map is ever gonna show it   but you’ll know it  when we get there  ‘cause  we’ll be gone


Fill that old bath tub should be room for two tell your sister   

June you’ll see her in the  morning  we got some relax  brewing  me and  you                         

Tomorrow it’s gonna be are we there yet  missed the exit way back there on the left

Dooley keeps spitting  Who wants a whipping   Crazy Millie put the  kitten in  the

So tonight let’s make ourselves some  down time  Break out a jar of that sweet shine  night

breeze is  calling  soft and  easy that we’ll   feel free  when we  get there    ‘cause we’ll  be  gone


Our turn to make reservations at our own five-star  destination Our turn to take a vacation from              

all this so-called relaxation aggravation complications rum and sun and   fun  and  done                                                           


So tonight let’s take ourselves a  journey to a place you never have to hurry  no

map is ever gonna  show it but you’ll  know itwhen we get there

 ‘cause  we’ll be   going  going   going  going  going  going

 going  gone                                                                                                                 

 Don Harrison and Bryan Ewald

 Copyright 2017 Never Can Tell Music LLC

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